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Sharif University of Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with ENSAM University to grand a Master of Science Double Degree in the fields of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from the year 2016. In this program the students are initially admitted to the Master program in Industrial or Mechanical Engineering program at SUT.
They complete 18 credits of theoretical coursework at SUT in the first year. Upon successful completion of the course work and the minimum French language requirement verified by a common committee, the student will be eligible to pursue the second year of the program at ENSAM. The second year of Master program will be organized in two semesters in which the student complete 4 to 8 courses representing 30 ECT in the first semester and fulfill his/her research work which is equivalent to 30 ECT in the second semester. Both degrees are granted simultaneously at the end of the study and after a favorable decision by the two institutions, the students receive a Master of Science Degree from SUT and also the degree of Master of Research by ENSAM.
The students at the International campus of Sharif University of Technology can now apply to this Joint Degree Program if they meet the criteria and requirements of this program.
For more information about ENSAM (including the educational programs, professors and the areas of specialization, campus life, etc.) please refer to its official website:  Or Visit Sharif University:
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